Sue is co-producer of over 200 videos by professional storytellers dealing with race and cultural understanding.racebridges studio logo You may download these videos with a discussion and resource guide for free.

Sue is co-producer of the Techny Bridge Builder event (you can do something similar to celebrate your young people and community members who are making a difference) and the videos on Make use of the lesson plans and free videos of professional storytellers telling stories of race and other diversities that you can find there and download for free.

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Diversity and Inclusion



Interview Power of Story
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In this 30-minute teleseminar Sue describes the elements of story that will make a nonprofit’s mission come alive and why every nonprofit must tell more compelling stories to get more press, win community goodwill and attract more quality volunteers and donors.


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    Growing up on the southwest side of Chicago, a teenage Sue crosses the “color line” to witness a 1966 demonstration over the lack of city services in black neighborhoods. In a divided city, Sue tries to integrate the loving people she has met on both sides of the color line.
  • THE GUATEMALA STORY: Moments of Grace
    Sue, a child of the 60s, worries about the lack of idealism and social consciousness her post-Watergate sons display and so takes them to Guatemala where people have devoted their lives to helping others. On the journey, Sue discovers she is the one in need of faith and hope.