Guilt-Free Diversity

Give your group real ideas for real change through diversity programming that leaves your audiences with good feelings, practical skills and transformed relationships.

  • Cross the Lines that Divide People
  • Breakdown Barriers that Shut Down Communication
  • Stop Bullying in its Tracks
Sue helped us discover how the ways we think and communicate may be hurtful or harmful to others without even knowing it and, more importantly, how to put an end to it.
Linda Barner, Vice-President of Multicultural Affairs, Key Bank
Storytelling gave us a way to look diversity straight in the eye and have a powerful and inclusive conversation.
Katy Lowe Schneider, Associate Dean of Students, Hanover College
If you want your audience to walk in someone else’s shoes – Sue takes you there.
Julie Landsman, Author of A White Teacher Talks About Race and Growing Up White: A Veteran Teacher Talks About Race

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Sue is co-producer of over 200 videos by professional storytellers dealing with race and cultural understanding. You may download these videos with a discussion and resource guide for free.

A Note From Sue


2016 Upcoming Events & Presentations


  • February 14 –  Libertyville, IL – “Racially Skilled Teachers and Staff” Live Seminar K-12  – PRIVATE
  • February 20-24 – Stockton, CA – “Diversity & Inclusion for California Libraries” – PRIVATE
  • February 25-28 – Tucson, AZ – PRIVATE


  • March 2, Northbrook, IL – “Racially Skilled Teachers and Staff” Live Seminar K-12  – PRIVATE
  • March 14, Berwyn, IL – “Appreciating Different Cultures” School Performance – PRIVATE
  • March 15, Chicago, IL – Interview on WGN-TV, 12:45 pm – PUBLIC
  • March 16, North Chicago, IL – “Corporate Communication & Teamwork” Seminar – PRIVATE
  • March 17, Skokie, IL – “Pot of Gold: Irish Stories & Songs” with Megon McDonough. 8 pm Skokie Theater – PUBLIC
  • March 24-26, Plymouth, MA – L.A.N.E.S. Regional Storytelling Conference Keynote – PUBLIC


  • April 5-6, Ottawa, Canada – “Corporate Planning & Organizing” Seminar – PRIVATE
  • April 20, Ottawa, Canada – “Corporate Communication * Teamwork” – PRIVATE
  • April 26-27, Appleton, WI – “Challenging Assumptions & Managing Microbehaviors” – PRIVATE
  • April 27-May 2, Lake Geneva, WI – Northlands Regional Storytelling Conference “Creating Culturally Relevant Curricula” Seminar – PUBLIC


  • May 4, 11, 18, 25 – K-12 Special Education Diversity Seminars – PRIVATE
  • May 23-25, North Chicago, IL – “Corporate Planning & Organizing” Seminar – PRIVATE


  • June 26-28, Kansas City, MO, Asian American Storyteller Summit – PUBLIC
  • June 27-July 22, Kansas City, MO – National Storyteller Conference “Immigration & Migration Panel and Performance Showcase”, Video Shoot – PUBLIC


  • K-12 Diversity & Inclusion Planning – PRIVATE
  • Corporate Curricula Design LGBT Inclusion – PRIVATE


  • August 15 – Chicago, IL K-12 Diversity & Inclusion Seminar – PRIVATE
  • August 22 – Lake Forest, IL – K-12 Diversity & Inclusion Seminar – PRIVATE


  • September 8, Philadelphia, PA – Corporate Sexual Harassment Seminar – PRIVATE
  • September 15, Philadelphia, PA – Corporate Sexual Harassment Seminar – PRIVATE
  • September 24-30, Jonesborough, TN – International Storytelling Center Residencies. Matinees everyday at 2 pm – PUBLIC


  • October 5-8, Jonesborough, TN – National Storytelling Conference


  • November 6 – Chicago, IL – “Valuing Different Religions” – PRIVATE
  • November 7 – Northbrook, IL – RAIN, Using video stories in the community – PRIVATE
  • November 16 – Lake Forest, IL  – Creating a More Culturally Relevant School – PRIVATE
  • November 28 – Chicago, IL – Diverse Christian Community – PRIVATE


  • December 3  – Evanston, IL – “5 Gals in a Pub: Life’s (Mis) Directions Storytelling” Celtic Knot Restaurant 7 pm – PUBLIC
  • December 5 – Platteville, WI- University of Wisconsin: Beyond Multi-Culture, Diversity & Inclusion – PRIVATE
  • December 7 – Northbrook, IL – LGBT Challenges K-12 – PRIVATE
  • December 14 – Libertyville, IL – More Culturally Relevant School – PRIVATE

What I do is work with already culturally competent people, such as yourself, who might be doing things you aren’t aware of to cause feelings of disrespect and unfairness in your workplace, your community and even in your own home when I know that you intend just the opposite.

You are a person who is interested in having equal opportunity for everyone – a truly inspiring, satisfying and productive work, spiritual or academic environment – and more relaxation (and even fun!) around the whole subject of diversity. I’ll help you discover your next levels of awareness and involvement so that you can let go any fear or guilt knowing you are doing everything you can to make your organization even more inclusive and the world a better place.


Well-meaning organizations will bring in diversity speakers, conduct workshops, pass out a few handouts to staff and students – all in an effort to become a more inclusive organization and to stop any intentional or unintentional offensive behaviors and discrimination.

Unfortunately, it’s NOT working.

Organizations are still struggling with creating strategic, working Diversity & Inclusion programs.

Lack of a comprehensive approach leads to:

– Student and Employee Attrition

– Staff Turnover

– Strained conversations and relationships

– Decreased learning and productivity

– Lack of innovation and problem solving

Bottom line: in order for any Diversity & Inclusion effort to result in true transformation and lasting change there must be CONSISTENT education and alignment between good intentions and an organization’s policies and practices. “One and done” does not change anything . . . it feels nice, but does nothing.

Repetition – the Mother of All Skill

However, there is a way to build better relationships and more effective teams plus change the landscape of cultural understanding and skills for your organization. At O’Halloran Diversity Productions, we have created an extended program that spans a period of one to three years and is focused on significantly reducing and/or eliminating:

  • Opposition to change
  • Fear of talking about difficult subjects such as race
  • Insensitive remarks and behaviors by otherwise “nice” people
  • PR nightmares from “incidents”
  • The possibility of Harassment and Discrimination Suits

These problems will not be solved with one-day workshops and keynotes. One-time performances, talks and workshops are great – and I LOVE doing them. But they cannot be expected to offset the stereotypes and the cultural misinformation we are bombarded with everyday.

For those who are ready… let’s go deeper and see tangible results!

Let me give you quick ways to help your team work even better together! See how easy it can be to navigate diversity and be seen as an ally! Imagine being culturally smart… and loving every minute of it.

If you can listen, you can bridge the cultural divides in your organization.

I’m ready to help!