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May 2016

May is Jewish Heritage Month

Jewish American Veterans

Jewish American WWII Veterans

When I was about 5 years old, a man asked me if I was Jewish and I answered, “Yes.”

We were at a restaurant in our Irish Catholic neighborhood celebrating my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I was straying […]

April 2016

Can We Change the Devastating Legacy of Segregated Housing?

House in hands

April is Fair Housing Month

I knew my neighborhood like I knew my own home. I knew whose fences were easiest to climb, whose garden had the best stones to make chalk marks for hopscotch and whose lawn you […]

March 2016

Take a Look at What’s Illegal Now

Court Gavel

In last week’s article, I talked about how when I was a young woman I was unsure of whether or not I was being sexually harassed by a teacher. That may seem impossible with the benefit of today’s hindsight, but it’s good to […]

What I Didn’t Know Back Then

Speak Truth

I was only eighteen, a senior in high school, and taking a watercolor class at a nearby community college. The professor and I got talking about Civil Rights and, in particular, my involvement with a youth group dedicated to equity. He invited me […]

How to Feel Stability in Uncertain Times

Sue Meg Laughing Shamrock

In times of bereavement, when that great hole of loss threatens to swallow us up, our traditions can be a holy liquid, a balm, making it is possible to swim in love and kindness even at the time of […]

WARNING: Don’t Buy Into Society’s Stereotypes

Rosie Riveter

Cultural norms are not static. They change when it’s politically and economically expedient to do so. When so many men joined the armed services during World War II, women were needed to work in the factories and other businesses. Rosie the Riveter who […]

The Big Lie In Our Current Political Discourse


Groups build their identity by saying who they are. Nothing wrong with that! But when we go beyond a description of who we are and start to place judgments on who is “more than” and who is “less than”, we get in […]

February 2016

No More Excuses – You’re Extraordinary!

ExcellenceMy friend and colleague, Bea Young, worked in the Mississippi Freedom Schools fifty years ago. She is a force to be reckoned with. In her 80s, she still works tirelessly for justice. She also loves to go out to dinner with friends, travel abroad, play with […]

A Free Field Trip For You And Your Children

MLK shotI recently heard a speaker tell his audience, “For Black History month take a trip to the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. You owe it to your children!”

I could just hear the teaches in the audience thinking, “Wait a minute! Have you heard […]

Your Good Efforts Will Fail If You Don’t Do This

Valentine HeartsTo me, one of the most serious causalities of our over busy U.S. culture is the lack of community. So many people tell me they feel a sense of isolation. We all say that being with the people we love is what matters the most, […]

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