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December 2017

A December Celebration You May Have Never Heard About

elephant-964293_1280So many schools, workplaces, faith-based and community organizations are beginning to acknowledge the many ways we celebrate the December holidays. For example, people now include Kwanzaa and Chanukah along with acknowledging Christmas celebrations.

Other communities have searched for ways to live in the West, taking part […]

March 2017

An Irish Take on Feeling Stable in Uncertain Times

ShamrocksIn times of bereavement, when that great hole of loss threatens to swallow us up, our traditions can be a holy liquid, a balm, making it is possible to swim in love and kindness even at the time of our deepest grief.  My father […]

February 2017

WARNING: Don’t “Celebrate” Black History Until You’re Ready to Broaden the Discussion

BHMI’m all for celebrating the accomplishments of people of all backgrounds – of course! But, sometimes, we can minimize the depth of people’s experiences by turning heritage month celebrations into lists of who invented what.

We can do better than that!

Sometimes, those of us who […]

Lady Liberty’s Shame

refugeesI have not written an article in a few months for several reasons. I did take some time off to have my hip replaced – yah! I’m doing great and just walked 8 blocks today. But, more than any personal reasons, the U.S. Presidential […]

October 2016

Of course you can have fun this Halloween… without being that obnoxious person at the party!




Celebrities have gotten lots of press (and NOT the kind they want!) by wearing culturally insensitive Halloween costumes. How can you know what is appropriate or inappropriate to wear?

This Halloween, let the STAR be your guide:

S – Sensitivity

T – Trust

A – Appreciation

R – Respect

S […]

September 2016



What could be better than stepping on a stage in front of an audience that already loves and knows storytelling and, in a very real sense, already loves you just because you’re there?

The times I have been fortunate enough to be […]

August 2016

A Good Reason Not to Settle for Either/Or


police-community-relationsA client commented on two buttons I had pinned on my office bulletin board. One said, “Black Lives Matter.” The other said, “Support Your Local Police.”

She said, “Can we be for both?”

My response was “How can we not?”

It has been my honor this spring […]

June 2016

Are You Going to Have an Honest and Inclusive 4th of July?

4th of July

We had our ritual beginning to each day in our grammar school classrooms: hang up our coats, sharpen our pencils, say our prayers and, then, recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that the Pledge […]

A Little Sensitivity Goes a Long Way

Muslim Woman MailShe was a new employee at an established company. She was excited about this new adventure in her life and the contributions she could make. But, right away, she felt that she was treated as an outsider. While others took cigarette and […]

May 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Trust What You Learned in School

AsianAmericansSanDiegoMy junior year of college, I was out to dinner with a friend who was born and raised in China. She came to the United States when she was seven. We were talking about a mutual friend of ours who was applying for a […]

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